It’s Beautiful Here is Kat Soutar and Scout Kozakiewicz, two Melbourne based photographers with a background in visual and media arts.

Our interest in weddings began at school. We were often asked by friends and family to photograph their weddings and through word of mouth our casual student side project grew. Back then we only shot film and we always gave the negs away to the couple. Simple.

After completing our degrees in media arts at RMIT we've worked as freelance photographers and been involved in many fab projects as well as creating It's Beautiful Here which has been operating since 2011.


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It's Beautiful Here Wedding Photography

We like to keep things simple and blend into the background a bit, it is your day after all. We won't ask you to set anything up, we won't ask you to do anything that isn't  real for you. Our relationships are based on trust and truly collaborative. All of our lovely couples celebrate their love in their own way, and our photographs are a response to that.

We love the romance, we love the fun, we love the mums, dads, nonnas and aunties and all the friends just being. Being there for you. And that's why we love what we do.

We won't go on for too long, we hope our pictures speak for themselves. But if we could sum up the essence of our work it would be this..

It's Beautiful Here is an exploration of ritual and love, observed unobtrusively, documented as an heirloom.

Please email us at info@its-beautiful-here.com for wedding enquiries or if you have any other questions xx

..and you can find us on Instagram <3